The Tragic Consequences of an Anti-Gay Judge Who May Have Done Gay Porn

We have seen it so many times– anti-gay advocates who turn out to be gay.  Some are making a similar claim about an anti-gay judge who has a very personal and tragic connection to me and my husband.

pryor     I have been reading with some interest the claims that anti-gay 11th Circuit Judge Bill Pryor posed for a gay porn magazine when he was younger.  I don’t know if this is true or not, but the possibility makes me even angrier about one of his first votes on the court that had tragic consequences.

You need to read this story if you ever plan on voting for someone from today’s conservative movement (i.e., Sens. Cruz, Paul, & Rubio) or if you need to explain to others why today’s conservatives are so dangerous.  Continue reading

Congress says F. U. to the Poor, Elderly, and Infirm; It’s More Important that I Get Home Quickly


One of the most cynical things happened in Congress this week, and that is a pretty high standard to meet. It voted to take the Federal Aviation Administration out of the sequester (across the board cuts in spending that apply to all federal programs and employees) while doing nothing to help those most vulnerable in our society–kids in head start, sick people on Medicaid or Medicare, Meals on Wheels for seniors, etc.

“Cancer patients who are relying on these funds and being harmed by these cuts are not receiving, it seems, as much of a priority” as the FAA, said Rep. Ellmers (R-NC) spokesman Thomas Doheny. ”There are definitely concerns about that.”

And they did it by passing a BIPARTISAN bill in amazing speed. Yes, Congress can act quickly (let alone at all) when it helps them, but it appears that they could care less about gun control, or helping those most in need in our society. So Congress says it is worse to have flight delays than unnecessary deaths. Nice work Congress. F.U.

Videos of Women Crushing Animals are Protected by 1st Amendment

I had another interesting discussion about sex and the First Amendment in my class this week. In addition to talking about bondage videos, we also talked about crushing videos. I had never hear of them before this week. They involve women crushing animals with their feet or stilettos.  Yes, some people out there get turned on by this.  Who knew!

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Iran Blames Women for Sexual Harassment


The Iranian government is interested in stopping sexual harassment, but as you can see at the link here, the focus is on women not attracting men. Very disturbing ad campaign. Here’s an example of a billboard (translation: “Veil is Security”).


No More Bush


While the media covers W’s presidential library opening today, we are starting to hear more about a possible Jeb Bush presidency. George W. wants Jeb to run, while momma Bush says that we don’t need any more Bushes! I couldn’t agree with her more.

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Bush Was Not a Compassionate Conservative


The George W. Bush Presidential Library opens tomorrow in Dallas, Texas, and stories are already go around describing Bush’s legacy. Some describe him as a compassionate conservative.  Really?  Maybe compared to today’s Republicans who want to further dilute our constitutional protections, eliminate unions, force vaginal ultrasounds, eliminate a woman’s right to choose, and prevent marriage equality, just to name a few.  Continue reading

Boston Suspect, The Patriot Act, and Sex



As we debate whether to give Miranda rights to the Boston bombing suspect or whether to try him in civilian courts, I am reminded how far we have gone with limiting our rights since 9/11. A topic in my law and sexuality class tomorrow highlights how far we have gone with providing broad police powers to our government and limiting our rights, all in the name of protecting us against terrorism. Continue reading